Your offer documents need to be 100% right, but the due diligence process is painful, time-consuming and prone to error.

It’s a risk management minefield. That's why our new service goes to the heart of the risk – using one golden source of content, tracking changes, decisions, approvals and verification.

We use Objective Keystone's proven system which includes a common clause bank that can roll one piece of content through countless documents, a high-powered mail merge capability, combined with watertight verification and a full audit trail.

Mayflower provides the system plus the support you need to get your documents into the system and ready to roll. Our support is scalable from a light touch approach for businesses that have a good process in place but want the extra security and simplicity that Keystone can provide; through to an end-to-end management service for your PDS documents, combining the power of the Objective Keystone platform with good old-fashioned project management from specialists in the field.

Mayflower’s PDS management service will de-risk the PDS due diligence process, as well as free up valuable staff hours to spend on other projects.

Key benefits of the Mayflower PDS management service

Reduced overall risk

PDSs are all about risk management – they have to be 100% correct, there is absolutely no room for error. The Mayflower process removes the following risks:

  • Incorrect information finding its way into the documents when they are created

  • Inconsistency because changes have not been made properly across multiple documents

  • Risk of something not being verified

  • No potential for errors occurring in the typesetting process

Easier time & risk management for each DUE DILIGENCE committee member

  • Due Diligence Committee members can verify (and lock away) individual components and text blocks at any time, rather than being required to read through and confirm accuracy of hundreds of pages at the end of the process, often within a few days.

Speed to market

  • A typical due diligence process can take months. The Mayflower process can be done within weeks if required, while still maintaining the full verification process and a high level of risk management.

No typesetting required

  • Typesetting can easily run to tens of thousands of dollars, but typesetting is simply not required using the Mayflower process – your branded template is meticulously set up in Keystone so that the final verified content is output directly as a fully designed, ready to use document.

  • Going straight from the source to the final template also eliminates the risk of errors occurring during the typesetting process.

  • As well as cost savings, there is also a considerable time saving since typesetting typically takes a few weeks.

Improved record keeping/corporate knowledge

  • The standard process starts with new word documents each roll. The Mayflower process maintains corporate history and comments against every section so the process is not dependent on any particular person "remembering why we made that decision last time".

  • The Mayflower process includes a full audit trail which means internal/external auditors can quickly and easily verify that the due diligence process has been followed.