At Mayflower, we take a whole of business approach, helping you solve problems, position yourself in the marketplace and get more out of your existing resources.


“I love everything changing constantly”, said no-one, ever. Unfortunately though, that’s the Australian financial services environment in a nutshell. With the constant barrage of legislative changes, global impact, ever increasing competition and the changing needs of consumers, it’s a rare business that can just ‘keep doing what we’ve always done’.

Mayflower will bridge the gap between the presence and the future that you are seeking to create. We will get to know your business and your people, and work with you to determine the best way forward. Sometimes that’s a light touch, sometimes that means being immersed in your business in order to support the leadership team and their people through the changes required.


Is your business leaving strategic opportunities on the table because you just ‘can’t get to it right now’? A number of our clients have utilised Mayflower to get to the bottom of such an opportunity. First, we will help you decide if the idea is really worth pursuing. And then if it is, we will figure out exactly what is required to get to market so you can start reaping the rewards. Once that’s known, then it’s on to implementation. After all, without execution, it’s just another idea on the shelf. Again, Mayflower can be as light touch or as immersive as is required, depending on the business, the opportunity and the culture of the teams affected.


Everyone knows that offer documents are crucially important. However, it’s often not clear who should take ownership and control of the process. Product, marketing, legal, compliance are all options, but offer documents can easily take up hundreds of hours and take your staff away from their day jobs. So how do you ensure that your firm’s offer documents are high quality, properly considered and aren’t going to cause investor confusion or worse, a phone call from ASIC?

Mayflower can make the whole process easier. By partnering with Mayflower, we will work with you to get input from the right parts of the business, get the right people engaged, reviewing and providing input. We can manage the Due Diligence process, liaise with legal counsel and manage version control.

Our knowledge of PDS requirements, combined with proven systems for tracking changes and input, gives you the peace of mind that the process has been done properly and your documents are truly best in class. Read more here.


Keeping everyone on track and enthusiastic during a strategic project is a big ask. It’s common for employees to feel left out of the decisions and put upon with all the extra work. We’ve all seen how disruptive this scenario can be. There’s no point building the fancy second story if the foundations are crumbling.

Whether you need a completely new intranet, or just a couple of bullet points to the management team each week, or something else entirely, we will work with you to ensure that your staff are well informed, and positive about the change that they are part of.


As well as keeping your staff informed, it’s often the case that there will also be impacts on your clients and other key stakeholders. We can craft the messaging so that your business transformation will be met with the response you need, whether that is interest, enthusiasm, or simply acceptance of a new way of doing things.