Most businesses have similar concerns and issues when it comes to PDSs. Here’s a list of questions we hear all the time. If you’re particular question isn’t answered, drop us a line using the form on this page and we’ll get straight back to you…

That all sounds expensive. Is it?

Well, it’s not cheap. But it’s worth it! Imagine having 50% of your time back, as well as not wanting to throw up at the mention of internal audit…

Speaking more seriously, one of the (many) issues with PDSs is that the costs are hidden. There’s a bit (sometimes a lot) going to typesetting, there’s all that time that could be better spent on value add projects, and then of course the real question of how much is it worth to you to sleep well at night, knowing that your firm’s offer docs are no longer a key risk for your business.

I’ve been involved with lots of software projects that promise the world but don’t deliver. How is this different?

So have we! That’s why we build you a complete system up front, with all your document uploaded and publishing ‘on brand’, plus all your stakeholders trained and ready to use the system. That way you can be confident that you will get up and running quickly and benefit straight away.

I manage the offer docs for my firm. Is this going to replace me?

Not a chance. Rather, it’s going to make you WAY more efficient, plus remove the key man risk so that you can actually take a holiday once in a while without spending the whole time worrying.

offer docs are a pain and no-one reads them. it’s not worth spending money on them.

That sounds like a statement but I get what you’re driving at. The problem is, while not many people read them ‘up front’, if they have an issue, they (and their lawyers, AFCA, etc) most definitely read them. And at that point, you want to be really confident that you’ve dotted all the Is and crossed all the Ts, and have a solid, defendable process in place. And believe it or not, if your offer docs are bad enough, then your directors can even go to jail. So it’s definitely worth knowing that your PDSs are in good shape.

I’d love to have a better system and process but I’m too busy to even think about it!

We hear that A LOT. Luckily, there’s not a huge amount of input required during the build process so you can just get on with your day job while we build you a fantastic system behind the scenes. We’ll just come to you along the way with questions/queries, and then get back to building it all for you. Plus, to start with, we train you to use the system, not to build the system. You learn that part later, at the time you need it, not months/years before.

But my team love rolling PDSs?

Methinks your team are just trying the shield you from the pain…