If you know that onboarding your clients is, er, not exactly optimal, then in just 2 short hours, we can arm you with a plan and lots of new ideas so you can take your onboarding from zero to hero, or at least from somewhat haphazard to organised, structured and client centric.

Using video conferencing (so no travel time), we will work together to review and improve your onboarding processes, piece by piece. At the end of this workshop, you will have a better idea of:

  • what the research says about onboarding

  • your onboarding goals

  • how clients perceive the onboarding process

  • why the fastest process isn’t always the best one

  • how technology can help, but only once you have a process in place

  • the 2 or 3 key changes that you can make to your onboarding processes to massively improve the odds of success.

I recommend that you bring your onboarding team to the workshop, so that the goals and actions you agree on are shared by the team, which always increases the changes of success. (Plus, you can’t do everything yourself, no matter how much you want to.)

For just $998, you get my full attention and 20 years of experience for two full hours. Bargain! Click on the link below to find a date that works and let’s get your onboarding on track. You won’t know yourself afterwards.