Retirement is dead

Why is it that we all keep talking about retirement? Very few people 'retire' these days - the idea is archaeic. What's more common is that you pull back a bit, maybe work a few less days each week, travel some more, play more golf. Maybe you retire and then un-retire - I've seen that a few times! I once worked for a guy who had retired and then had to un-retire when his various business ventures all came to life at once. Or perhaps your partner passes away and being at home alone doesn't hold much appeal.

Instead of retirement, I'd rather talk about stage 3. Stage 1 (0 - 30, give or take) is all about growing up, becoming an adult and getting your act together. Stage 2 (30ish to 60ish) are your 'work hard' years, forging a career, or at least a decent job, raising kids, keeping your relationship together (or not...), making your way in the world. Stage 3 (60ish to 90/100/110??) is your chance to do things differently, try new experiences, and generally enjoy life, with hopefully a decent retirement income.

Now stage 1, 2 and 3 don't sound very exciting, so I'm on the hunt for better ways to describe them. Suggestions anyone?