September 2017 update

It’s been a big year for Mayflower Consulting, hence the lack of regular newsletter. Not that we like to brag, but there was a successful $10b Responsible Entity transition in March – one of the biggest of its kind in Australia - and Mayflower Consulting might have been involved. But that’s all in the past right? So here’s what’s next…

Firstly, we have launched a new PDS management service for fund managers and super funds. Because everyone hates them. Except us. And if you’re in the middle of RG97 hell right now then you’ll know exactly what we're talking about…

Our new service is based around Objective Keystone’s proven system. Keystone includes a common clause bank that can role one piece of content through countless documents, a high-powered mail merge capability, combined with watertight verification and a full audit trail.

Mayflower can be as involved or as hands-off as you require. For instance, we can get you up and running and provide support as needed, or we can manage your documents end-to-end, including the due diligence process. We will work with you to determine the right solution for your business, and we always bake in a level of flexibility – years of PDS rolls have taught us that this is always required!

We can save you hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars in typesetting fees and more than a few grey hairs. Read more here or check out this article in the Financial Observer.

Secondly, we are currently putting together the first sales and marketing benchmarking survey for fund managers and super funds. Want to know what’s a reasonable flow expectation for your BDMs? How many people you should have in marketing? What CRM are other companies using, and importantly, is it working for them? All these questions and many more will be answered. If you’re interested to learn more, just reply to this email.

Plus of course, if your business has an opportunity or issue that needs fresh eyes, and more importantly arms and legs to get it successfully implemented, we’d love to buy you a coffee and talk further.