Everyone hates PDS – but not Mayflower Consulting!

Mayflower Consulting has partnered with Objective Corporation (www.objective.com) to provide an end-to-end management service for PDSs and other related regulatory documents. Combining the power of the Objective Keystone document management platform and good old-fashioned project management, Mayflower Consulting will work with fund managers and super funds to take the pain out of PDS!

Mayflower’s PDS service will de-risk the PDS due diligence process, as well as free up valuable staff hours to spend on other projects. The service covers the Due Diligence process, liaison with internal staff and legal counsel, version control and production of the final typeset documents.

“Everyone knows that PDSs are crucially important,” says Sarah Penn, Director of Mayflower Consulting. “But that doesn’t make it any easier. First, it’s often not clear who should own the process. Then you have the issue of having to ‘start from scratch’ with every roll. We estimate that the average PDS roll currently takes at least 1000 person hours, which means 1000 hours less for product development, legal, compliance etc.

Fundamentally, it’s a risk management minefield. That's why our new service goes to the heart of the risk – using one golden source of content, tracking changes, decisions, approvals and verification. This is combined with support and project management skills from experts in the field who can get the job done efficiently and with minimal impact on the business.”

Objective’s Keystone, a cloud based solution, makes this new service possible. Objective Corporation, a 30 year old ASX listed software company is focused on risk management through technology. Objective Keystone has been designed from the ground up to address the needs of organisations producing complex, structured documents and digital collateral subject to strict compliance requirements.

“Having managed offer documents for 15+ years, I have always wondered why no-one has developed an IT solution to this industry-wide problem. When I met the Objective team in November, I discovered that they had the solution that the industry needs – a common clause bank that can roll one piece of content through countless documents, a high-powered mail merge capability, combined with watertight verification and a full audit trail.”

“Our knowledge of PDS requirements, combined with proven systems for tracking changes and input, gives you the peace of mind that the process has been done properly and your documents are truly best in class,” concludes Sarah.

Visit http://www.mayflower.com.au/pds-management/ for more information.


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